FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We put together this page to answer some of the most common questions we get about our student portal and the courses within it. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, contact us directly.

I can’t access the next unit of the course?

At the end of each unit there is a quiz, if you haven’t completed the quiz you won’t be able to access the next part of the course.

We designed the course this way because it encourages students to complete each section in the order they are presented. This is extremely important when it comes to effectively implementing the content in this course, because each part builds on each other.

A link to the quizzes can be found at the bottom of the final lesson in each unit.

I want to skip straight to a specific part of the course, can I?

Unfortunately you can’t skip through the course content. We designed the course in a way that builds on each other, with each lesson contributing to the next and so on. In order to get the results you are hoping for, we highly recommend you take the recommended path.

Why is my course progress not updating?

This one’s a little bug with our site development (it’s kind of frustrating I know!).

If you simply watch the lessons, download the resources and complete the quizzes – the “official” course progression won’t move higher than 0%. However, if after every lesson and unit you click the “Lesson Complete” button in the right hand sidebar, you will see your course progression steadily rise towards 100%.

It’s up to you whether you want to do so, but I personally like to see how far I am through something!

I’m stuck with one part of the course, what should I do?

Some of the course content is pretty time consuming and challenging to complete, especially if you want to do it really well and see great results. So don’t be alarmed if you feel stuck… That is totally normal with some of this stuff. I’d encourage you to push through the barrier, not give up and try and come out the other side.

Getting “stuck” is a good thing. It means you are trying hard and willing to sweat a little. Most people will give up when they get stuck, but if you can get through the pain you will see better results.

If it feels like you’ve been stuck for a long time… drop us a line at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you break through the barrier!

I don’t quite understand something, is it just me being stupid?

We tried our best to deliver the content in a manner that helped you understand it, even if you don’t know some of the tools and concepts. But we are human just like you! There is a good chance we have made some assumptions or skipped over important details throughout the course.

If you don’t understand something, it’s probably our fault, not yours. So don’t feel stupid… simply drop us a line at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you get up to speed.

The videos and resources aren’t working properly, can you help?

Our videos are hosted on a 3rd party site, Wistia. The Wistia storage platform is one of the most stable platforms available to web developers and marketers online. However, every now and then you may experience slow loading speeds or a drop in the video content.

If you do, please be patient. Try and re-set your internet connection and wait a few minutes. If you still experience difficulties, you can get in touch with us and we will get under the hood to see what’s going wrong. Here’s our email: [email protected]

All the downloadable resources are hosted with our own web hosting company. What this means is that if the site is working, it’s very unlikely that the downloads won’t be. However, if you are having difficulties downloading any of the course content, contact us straight away and we will help you come to a solution. Here’s our email: [email protected]

I need a tax invoice for this course, where should I go?

You can access your order history and purchase details on your Account page.

This wasn’t what I expected, can I get a refund?

These things happen. We tried our best to manage expectations throughout the sales process and deliver on all of our promises when it comes to the content. However, your relationship is more important to us than a few dollars and cents. If you are dissatisfied with the course content, we will issue a full refund no questions asked.

To claim your refund, send an email to [email protected] with the words “Refund: Anchor Content” in the email subject line. We will respond as soon as possible and action the refund for you.