Free Bundle: How to Create Content That Will Rank

Get consistent and sustainable search engine traffic by creating Anchor Content.

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SEO Content BundleIf you’re landing on this page no doubt you are chomping at the bit to get consistent and sustainable traffic from search engines.
More and more we see Google rewarding the type of content that is long, definitive and resourceful in nature.

The problem you face is that EVERYONE is trying to do it now – So you need to do something out of the ordinary… Something so good that people sit up and take notice.

If you want to stand out, you need to create Anchor Content.

An anchor piece of content is long and evergreen in nature – it dominates a topic and commands authority for your brand. The SEO Content Bundle is made up of two checklists that will help you create Anchor Content for your website, AND a PDF info sheet that summarizes an interpretation of the same SEO strategy the likes of Copyblogger, Moz and Neil Patel use.

The SEO Content Bundle includes:

  • Anchor Content Checklist: This is a PROVEN 20-point checklist that will help you create one-of-a-kind content that is better than anything else out there
  • Anchor Search Checklist: This is a visual representation of a page on your website that will help you optimize your content so that it effectively communicates with search engines
  • SEO Spider’s Web Info Sheet: This is a brief overview of the SEO Spider’s Web, our interpretation of the SEO strategy used by the likes of Copyblogger, Moz and Neil Patel.

Take the guesswork out of creating the type of content search engines want to send traffic to by downloading this bundle.