The “Done-For-You” package includes;

  • Complete “Anchor Content” lifetime access
  • Discovery of 3 Anchor Content Topics based on your customers biggest pain points
  • In-depth keyword research for all 3 topics
  • Pinpointing potential influencers in your industry to approach when promoting your content
  • 1 completely done-for-you, high quality content anchor, written by our expert content writers
  • 3 months of blog post ideas fully stocked up in your content calendar
  • Deliberate social media promotion for the done-for-you content anchor
  • Direct influencer outreach over email and social media, to help promote the done-for-you content anchor
  • Internal linking of relevant pages on your site to boost the visibility of the done-for-you content anchor
  • Unlimited support for up-to 12 months after the project is finished
  • 4 live 1-on-1 calls with Will Blunt during the project to customize the content and overcome any hurdles you have in front of you

Note: Once you have paid for the course via PayPal, click on the “Return to Sidekick Digital” link to register and claim the course immediately.


Anchor Content by Blogger Sidekick (Done-For-You Package)