The Anchor Content $1 Trial for the “Do-it Yourself” course package includes;

  • Complete “Anchor Content” lifetime access (If you continue beyond the trial period)
  • 4 content-packed units
  • 13 step-by-step video lessons
  • Worksheets, handouts, checklists, cheat sheets, spreadsheets and swipe copy to help you take action
  • Downloadable transcripts, audio files & slides 
  • A guided course email sequence, so you know exactly what to do for each unit
  • 90 days of email support
  • 60 days money-back guarantee, after the trial period
  • 7 day $1 trial period

Note: Once you have paid for the course via PayPal, click on the “Return to Sidekick Digital” link to register and claim the course immediately.


Anchor Content ($1 Trial)

$1.00 for the first 7 days, and then $148.00 per week for 2 weeks