This video is a high-level overview of how the Anchor Content Course is delivered. It is the exact same video available on the course dashboard page once you sign up.

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How is the course delivered?

Each unit is delivered through video lessons and accompanied by transcripts, spreadsheets, checklists, cheat sheets, swipe copy and a bunch of other collateral that will help you take immediate action on the things you learn.

Unit 1 will help you…

  • Come up with an anchor content topic based on your audiences’ problems
  • Lock down high-performing keywords based on this topic
  • Pinpoint relevant influencers in your industry that will improve your promotion efforts later on
  • Discover the very best content already out there on this topic

Unit 2 will help you…

  • Develop a skeleton structure for your anchor content including headings, sub-headings, dot points and placeholders for visuals
  • Actually create a high quality content anchor, optimize it for search engines and make it visual

Unit 3 will help you…

  • Boost the visibility of your content anchor by linking it to relevant pages and posts on your website
  • Fill your content calendar with months of blog post ideas based on your newly created content anchor

Unit 4 will help you…

  • Implement a step-by-step formula for generating hundreds of social shares for your content anchor, and increasing the amount of comments and engagement your content gets
  • Get backlinks for your content anchor that will improve your search engine performance and generate sustainable website traffic
  • Skyrocket traffic back to your content anchor using guest blogging

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